What is Golf League?

Golf League is an evolved concept of the traditional golf league. It is an app based league that allows players to create customizable leagues and play when it is convenient for them. Golf League tracks your stats & handicap, has GPS functionality, and provides a chance to win prizes on the National Leaderboard.

How are leaderboards calculated?

Scores are calculated using the golfers score to par, their handicap, and the difficulty of the course. This allows us to compare scores at courses across the country.

Is there any accountability?

Golfers will be required to play with at least one other player from Golf League to verify that your score is accurate and correct. The attesting player will verify the score through the app.

How many courses must be played?

In order to qualify for the National Leaderboard and year-end prizes, golfers must play ten rounds. A round is nine holes, front or back. If a golfer plays more than 10 rounds, the golfer’s ten lowest rounds will be used for their ranking on the leaderboard. In custom leagues, players are able to select the number of rounds required. 

What if I don’t have an official handicap?

No problem. The Golf League staff will ask you a few questions to assist you. Just contact us here or at GolfLeague@golfleagueus.com

What if I want to play 18 holes?

If you play 18 holes, that will count as two rounds towards the national leaderboard, as well as any custom leagues you may be a part of.

What is the difference between the national leaderboard and custom leagues?

Everyone who signs up and submits a round on Golf League is automatically put onto the national leaderboard. The national leaderboard creates national competition and gives players the chance to win prizes. Custom leagues are created by Golf League users. Golfers are able to create a league and add other players, make it public or private, and choose courses, as well as customize other features!

What if I don’t have an official handicap?

No problem! Golf League will calculate your handicap! Please Contact Us if you have any questions. 

How do I create a custom league?
What tees do we play from?

Men will play from the blue tees, and women will play from the tees closest to the pin.

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